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BETA VERSION - Please note this site is in the works. =)

Welcome to JDMDirectory.com! If you found this site you are most likely a JDM fan. This site is dedicated to the JDM enthusiasts who is on their search for even more rare parts from real Japan Domestic Parts Companies. Whether it's a Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru here you will find some fascinating links. There is a great variety of websites to browse. We hope by guiding you to some of these websites you will broaden the gap between the mainstreamed U.S. JDM to JDM in Japan.

As some may believe JDM is a new style and is essentially a "fad", which is nowhere close to being the truth. In the U.S., yes there has been a high increase in hype and sales of imported JDM Honda parts and more and more retailers are trying to dip in the industry and then there are parts from Japan manufacturers here that are also more widely known than ever before such as Mugen, Spoon Sports, STi, Ralliart, Nismo, MazdaSpeed, HKS etc, especially with huge marketing influence from Sony Playstations Gran Turismo Driving Simulator games and Fast and the Furious movies.

Japanese cars have been modified for years in Japan from the early Datsun 510, Skyline & FairladyZ, to the Toyota Trueno & Levins. Then there was the era of the Honda Quint (Integra), Civic, CRX Ballade, Nissan 180SX S13 etc to the Honda Integra (RSX) Honda Civic, Nissan Silvia S14, S15, Mazda RX7, RX8, Toyota Supra, to the now high performance, machines of the likes of the Honda NSX, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru STi, Nissan Skyline, Nissan FairladyZ which with right tuning parts, desire and enough money these cars can easily be transformed to surpass specs of some modern exotics. (Please excuse me if you car isn't as the list can go on and on.) As long as there are Japanese cars and different marketing that takes place in Japan and the rest of the world there will always be a want and desire for parts that are unique and aren't as easily attainable. This also goes true in reverse for the Japanese wanting USDM parts and cars, from early muscle cars to big SUVs, luxury Cadillacs and even Lowriders. The Japanese have been importing USDM cars and automotive parts for years!

In any industry there is that want to be different or style influenced. Take the fashion industry for example, where styles, clothes, accessories are mimiced or influenced from Paris, France, Or the desire to want high end Italian leather goods to expensive Swiss watches. The car industry is no different. Hence JDM is a style and has been here for years and will continue to popularize. Now some say this may be a bad thing cause JDM was suppose to portray rarity, this is true so please read on...

But what makes JDM "JDM" is not anything that big corporations or the Hollywood movie industry can portray. JDM is more of a lifestyle, passion and hobby. There are some great Japanese companies making some really great parts that aren't as known such as Speed, Billion, Yashio Factory, Amuse, Mines, Junction Produce and the list can go on and on etc. These small companies usually put countless hours of R&D to make highly effective performance parts and even attractive stylish parts but still remain undistinguished in this growing market. This is why this site was built. To help evolve JDM to what it was once about, niche, rarity, unique, simple and most importantly functional. So with an ongoing pursuit to gather many resources in one easy to browse site, we hope you will view some if not all of these sites and hope you get even more inspiration, ideas and introduction to more and more JDM parts to help in customizing your car.

Please note that some websites are in Japanese and English and some are in Japanese only. Please see the Language Tools Page to help translate the sites. Please add JDMDirectory.com to your favorites and visit often as new sites will be added all the time as there will be new site reviews and articles. Enjoy the site and keep your JDM passion alive!